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Universal Laws & Principles

Laws: We are beings of energy. Energy is governed by universal laws and principles. These laws come from and are imbued with Spirit. They are Divine Laws. There are many laws that govern us at our different levels of being: Spiritual Laws, Mental/Emotional Laws, and Physical laws. Our egos, with functions on the mental/emotional level, try to control these laws. These laws dictate the results of our thoughts and actions.

When we perform an action our put out thought, we try to control the results. But we cannot as there are too many laws working at too many levels for the ego to manage. The best we can do is to perform our actions consciously, with good intentions, and leave the results or consequences up to Spirit or Divine Law. For example, only a fool would stand in front of a moving train and demand Spirit to save him or her. Physical laws dictate that the impact of a moving train on the human body will kill it. Further, to make such a demand on Spirit is the ego's feeble attempt to control Spirit through giving Spirit temptations or tests . Modern science is continually discovering laws at the physical and mental/emotional levels. We intuitively know many of these laws such as the Law of Love. We are also discovering many of these laws through our life lessons. A few of laws are addressed below.

Love: How often have we heard the words: "God is Love". St. Francis of Assisi best describes the Law of Love: "It is in giving love, that we receive love". We fall in love with someone, not because we expect to receive love back from them, but simply because we love their being, their soul. We love them because they are a droplet of the Divine. We recognize the God or Goddess within them and consequently want to love and serve them. Some special words to remember follow.

  • Recognize and accept Love as our true nature.
  • Be loving, gentle and respectful towards others in you thoughts, speech and actions.
  • Surrender your ego to others.
  • Hold your relationships with others more important than any issue.
  • Be centered and connected to your inner source.
  • Love others unconditionally and serve and support in their personal and spiritual growth.
  • Keep communications open and love conscious, active and present as we heal and grow together.

Karma: Karma means nothing more that "action". The Law of Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. Every action or thought has an effect or consequence. The nature of that effect depends upon the nature of the cause. If the cause is "good", the effect will be "good". If the cause comes from negative thoughts or evil, the results will be equally negative or evil. We reap what we sow. If a person sows evil, they will eventually reap what they have sown. Freedom from the Law of Karma requires us to be unattached to the results of our actions, provided we perform them with good intentions, following Divine Law.

The Law of Reincarnation : This the Law of Death and Rebirth . It involves our soul's cyclical return to the earth or other planes until we free ourselves from our negative karma (Samskaras) and can be purified and unified permanently into the One source. We are all energy fixed in time and space based on the Law of Causality (Karmic Law). The difference between the cause and effect is merely the name and form we take on. Beings that do not obtain liberation, manifest again, and again, with their desires, attachments, and latent tendencies (Samskaras).

The Law of Forgiveness: We cannot purify ourselves as long as we harbor negative feelings of hate, anger, intolerance, criticism, etc. towards others. It is in forgiving others that we forgive ourselves. Simply put, we cannot be forgiven until we first forgive others.

The Law of Abundance: As a person thinks in their heart, so are they. We create our realities with our thoughts. If we think good and beauty, so shall we find good and beauty. What we hold in our consciousness expresses itself in life. If we hold poverty, illness, war, and other negative thoughts, they will manifest. Thus what we think or visualize comes into manifestation. Learn to create in life that which we want.

Law of Unification: All souls are unified in the one soul of the Great Spirit once they have obtained liberation, freedom from karma.

Law of Empowerment: We are empowered. We have a choices. We can choose our thoughts and visualizations. We are co-creatures with Spirit. Behind all creation is pure energy, one essence or Spirit. We have a powerful tool. That tools is our thoughts and visualizations. With our thoughts and visualizations we can create our own realities. Our every mood can create good or otherwise. What we call forth in others is actually within us. If you look at another and see good or bad, so it is. Actually, it is neither good or bad, but is merely what we see and call it. You can create what you want in life by by taking your attention away from the things you do not want and refocusing on the positive things you do want. Remember, where you attention goes, your energy flows.

Law of Right Human Relations: The Law of Right Human Relations and the Principle of Goodwill are concerned with the welfare of others and world peace. The principle of Goodwill is the basic intention to do good will. We can will good to promote right human relations. We can use a complete thought form, built by the balanced fusion of thought, feelings, imagination/visualization, and will. There are tools we can use to create a complete thought form: Concentration, repetitive affirmations, contemplation, creative visualization, and meditation.

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